Thursday, 6 December 2012

Marq Wines, Cut and Dry Shiraz 2011

Marq Wines
Cut and Dry Shiraz 2011
Margaret River, W.A

Impenetrable black with an inky cherry hue. Aromas of dark plum, leather and mocha merge with grilled fig, black cherry and redskins. A beastly palate; full-bodied and rich with bold and juicy, yet remarkably approachable tannins. This Amarone inspired demon showcases cherry Coke, sticky date pudding, licorice and rhubarb flavours, which are complimented by a textural firmness and lengthy finish. 

Imagine if Hulk Hogan and Chuck Norris had a baby and it was raised by Bruce Willis and Genghis Khan... Well, multiply that virility by twelve thousand and you’re still not remotely close to the ruggedness of the brawny ogre!

Drink with UFC Heavyweight Champion + Power tools + Bear Grylls DVD

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