Friday 3 January 2014

Dear Bern...

Bern Morley, a blogger for Australia's largest female blog, wrote an article about my Jetstar complaint letter. CLICK HERE to read it, then scroll down to view my response.

Dear Bern,

I thoroughly enjoyed your article and think it’s great that we can have this discussion. Just a few things...

When you write, “Believe me when I say, I am cherry picking the least offensive parts of this story right now”, I think it's important to note that what you find offensive may not offend others. Comedian, Ricky Gervais once said, “Offence is taken, not given”, and, “Just because you're offended, it doesn't mean you're right”. Perhaps it's best to let your readers make up their own minds about what they find offensive.

I bet more than a few Christians are offended by the above photo, but who cares? If your readers find my letter offensive, so be it, I'm OK with that. Some things offend me, like Jennifer Aniston movies and men who wear these pants.

I have no doubt that many people would also be EXTREMELY offended by you publishing their photo on a popular website and calling them a: “Jerk, arse, arsehole and a mean coward”. Who knows, perhaps some would even consider it bullying. I suppose it’s lucky that your opinion of me is none of my business. The important thing is that you get to express it freely. For future reference, calling someone both an arse and an arsehole is unnecessary, as the arse incorporates both the cheeks and the hole.

I highly doubt that Jetstar have a “Jerk register”, but if they do, I guess I’m not on it, as they reimbursed the $25 emergency seat fee and gave me a $100 voucher for the two flight cancellations. If such a register does exist and I'm at the top of it, then that means Jetstar hold jerks in a higher regard than the customers they actually like. Come to think of it, Jerkstar has a nice ring to it.

Considering that we’ve followed each other on Twitter for quite some time, perhaps it would've been better to directly tweet to me @RichWisken, instead of subtweeting this:

Whilst I appreciate a good Seinfeld reference, I would've responded in a much more timely fashion if you actually sent the article to me. Anyway, thanks for saying that I have a great writing style, and that you thought I was cool and funny, but again, your opinion of me is none of my business.

If you choose to publish my response, please do so in its entirety.

Maybe some people just need to lighten up...


Rich Wisken

P.S. Thanks for publishing the photo of me with the dog. I'm glad everyone now knows that I really, really love animals.

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